D. Terry Rawls, Ed.D.
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Strategic Transitions Group, INC. was founded to assist individuals, organizations and institutions with embracing and successfully navigating change  

When a ship enters a new port, a local Pilot boards the ship to provide experience-based guidance to the crew so they can navigate the unfamiliar waters.  Dr. Terry Rawls, with over two decades of experience in change management and innovation in higher education, can help individuals as they transition into new leadership roles as well as guide the efforts of institutions as they face new challenges and opportunities, including:

  • Institutional leadership transitions 
  • Exploring and implementing new governance models 
  • Serving new or different populations, and 
  • Implementing new delivery models  

Call (415) 515-7700 to explore how Strategic Transitions can assist you or your institution in facing the challenges of the ever-changing environment in which we live today.

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